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3 Wheel Steel Rollator – مشاية بـ 3 عجلات

KD 87.000
Made from durable steel, the rollator includes handlebars with an adjustable height of 81.28 cm to 93.98 cm. مصنوعة من

Adjustable Derby Folding Cane – عصا قابلة للطي

KD 26.000
The Adjustable Derby Folding Cane is lightweight, adjusts in height from 83.82 cm to 93.98 cm, and features a weight

Days Quad Cane – عصا بقاعدة رباعية

KD 35.000
Excellent for personal and professional use. Constructed from lightweight aluminum for easy transportation and use. ممتاز للاستخدام الشخصي والمهني، مصنوعة

Days Steel Bariatric Offset Handle Adjustable Cane – عصا قابل للتعديل بمقبض منحي

KD 45.000
  ·       The bariatric style is designed for larger users to support their weight with a weight capacity of up

EZ Swivel Seat- المقعد الدوار

KD 18.000
Individuals with arthritis who have difficulty turning in their seat will find that the EZ Swivel Seat helps make getting

Folding Mobility Cane – عصا الحركة القابلة للطي

KD 27.000
The Folding Mobility Cane is ideal for those with low vision, or for the blind. تعتبر عصا الحركة القابلة للطي

Full Finger Glove – قفاز بأصابع كاملة

KD 15.000
The lightweight CoolTac Full Finger Glove is designed to provide hand protection in hot environments. يعتبر قفاز كول تاك كامل

Hand Keyper – حافظة مفاتيح يدوية

KD 7.000
The Hand Keyper is a combination tool including a can opener, key ring, slitter, magnet and nail file. حافظة المفاتيح

Handy Bar- أداة مساعدة للسيارة

KD 23.000
The Stander Handy Bar is a 3-in-1 automotive safety tool that allows the user to easily sit or stand safely

Hatch Wheelchair Gloves – قفازات الكراسي المتحركة

KD 12.000
Hatch All-Purpose Padded Mesh Wheelchair Gloves have mesh backing. قفازات الكراسي المتحركة الشبكية المبطنة لجميع الأغراض مع دعامة شبكية خلفية

Homecraft Key Turners- أداة للمفاتيح

KD 5.000
The curved handle offers maximum leverage for inserting a key into the lock and turning the key. Homecraft Key Turners

Hurrycane – عصا المشي هيروكين

KD 21.000
The Hurrycane is the most popular cane sold in the US. It provides users a comfortable walking aid, that can